Welcome to Horizn Digital

Here is the information for our Cardano Stake Pool. I have been a believer in the Cardano project for a number of years, but I haven’t been able to invest as much as I would like. So now that I have decided to increase my participation in Cardano this just seems like a natural extension. As I learn more about Cardano my plan is to also run a stake pool to have a wider perspective of the entire eco-system.  I have previous experience running hosting servers for friends and family to play different video games, so I am hoping that experience will translate well. Check out my other posts of my exprience of setting up the Horizn Digital Cardano stake pool.

Pool Info

  • Pool Name: Horizn Digital
  • Ticker: HRIZN
  • Pool Id: ce2e2cde2457686e5e638057ba58541de745c86678f74b4121f6eb7ad655c02b
  • Goal: Is to participate in the Cardano Community in a positive way, and update this blog with the experience.

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